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County Assemblies herald in the handing over of power back to the people of Kenya and thereby acknowledging the sovereignty of the people as enshrined in our Constitution
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County Assemblies
What is Ubunge
Ubunge is Kenya's pioneer County Assembly parliamentary monitoring project, designed and implemented by The Demography Project, to open public participation and citizen engagement in the 47 County Assemblies and the defunct Local Authorities.

As such, the key expected outcome will be is to enhance the capacity of Kenyan voters to actively participate in making rational electoral decisions and meaningfully participate in democratic processes before, during and after the 2022 General Election. This will especially address the voter apathy among the youth, young women and disenfranchised groups. Additional expected outcomes of the project includes enhancing citizen journalism during elections, inculcating a spirit of volunteerism amongst the youth, supporting inclusive civic education for diaspora voters, first-time voters and youth and women voters; and the creation of a community of practice with actors in the civic-tech space in the development and deployment of citizen electoral intelligence platforms across Africa... 

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